Our Approach

We will help you to maximize your retirement experience by:

  1. Analyzing the optimum age for you to draw your Social Security Benefits based on your specific situation.  With literally hundreds of options to choose from, this analysis alone can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  2. Developing portfolios that participate in up markets with an emphasis on preserving the gains on your assets in down markets.  After all, it's not what you make - it's what you keep.
  3. We then integrate the two processes shown above into a personalized tax efficient "spending plan" customized for your retirement.  A "tax efficient" spending plan versus a "random drawdown" of your assets can potentially add years of desired cash flow during your retirement and significantly enhance your retirement income.

If your goal is maximizing your retirement experience, you will find that our friendly, personalized service focuses on your needs, your desires, and your financial goals in a manner that you will appreciate and enjoy.

You may contact us today at 512-263-4949, or email us at tilmon.king@lpl.com to schedule a complimentary discovery to discuss your investment and financial planning goals.